Tractorpull NZ Inc

Tractropull New Zealand Incorporated

  • Kiwis and tractors, a match made throughout history

    Kiwis and tractors go together like a cold beer on a hot day. From Sir Ed taking his faithful Fergies to the pole to Politicians driving them up the steps of Parliment you cant go far in NZ without seeing a tractor or two. From launching the boat to working all hours supporting our farming eccomonly the humble tractor is a stalwart of NZ culture.

    Tractor Pull NZ (TPNZ) was established to promote tractor pulling in NZ as a dynamic and entertaining class of motor sport.

    All classes of tractors are welcome and we encourage anyone interested to make contact and become involved.

    Focused on Weight Transfer tractor pulling we feel this style has the most potential and future for NZ conditions. No engine management issues, no cheating or conditional derating (or over-rating), no time consuming Dyno sessions, weight transfer pulling is as simple as "weight equals traction".

    TPNZ supports all classes of pulling machines. Standard, Modified, Pre 85, Trucks, etc are all welcome. If it has a drawbar, chances are you can pull with it!.

  • Turnkey operation

    TPNZ provides a full turnkey package complete with comentary, spectator friendly dsplays and a fully logged data recording system to ensure everyone can check the results.

    Self contained in our own 43' semi trailer TPNZ is able to provide your event with a fully compliant, spectator friendly show.

    TPNZ is the only nationwide orginisation dedicated to growing Tractor Pulling nationwide. We have sucessfully run events from Auckland to Gore and many places in between. TPNZ carries full liability insurance, produces compreghensive H&S plans for all events and ensures all safety procedures are strictly adhered to. If you would like to have tractor pulling at your event please contact us to discuss.